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Ganjika Holistics

A Global Fusion of Cannabis Therapies

Designed to Balance Your Natural State of Being


Perhaps the oldest recorded of the Holistic Medical Systems dating back over 5000 years, it translates as 'The Knowledge of Life' in Sanskrit.

It combines herbs, massage, yoga, meditations, mantras and lifestyle techniques to manage the 'Doshas', or elemental forces, present throughout nature and of which we ourselves are comprised. Ayurveda teaches that we all have a constitution which is our individual psychobiological makeup. From the moment of conception this individual constitution is created by the universal energies of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These 5 elements combine into 3 fundamental energies, also known as "The Doshas". Ether and Air constitute 'Vata', which is the energy of movement. Fire and Water constitute 'Pitta', the principle of digestion or metabolism, the transformation of matter into energy, and Water and Earth make up Kapha, the energy of structure and lubrication.

During the time of conception, the vata-pitta-kapha factors from the parents bodies that are most active and predominant at the moment, due to the season, the time, the emotional state, and the quality of their relationship, form a new individual with a particular constellation of qualities. This is our individual constitution also known in Ayurvedic terms as your 'Prakriti'. A constant factor that does not change throughout life. It is our own unique pattern of energy, our combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics and predispositions.

However due to changes throughout our lives the doshic balance can be disturbed. As the internal and external conditions of our lives change, if we are going to remain healthy we need to constantly adjust in order to maintain equilibrium.

To maintain health and balance, we have to juggle with the 3 doshas, taking action to increase or decrease vata, pitta or kapha as conditions demand. Thus healing, balanced, conscious living in the fullness of the present moment - is really a way of life. Ayurveda is not a passive form of therapy but rather asks each individual to take responsibility for his or her own daily living. in our daily lives we can take simple actions for prevention, self healing, wholeness and growth toward fulfillment.

Ayurvedic Dosha Test

Knowing your personal mind-body-constitution is crucial to make Ayurveda work for you since its effectiveness is based on treating people individually. Every person is influenced by all three Doshas, however they manifest differently in each person.

This Ayurveda Test will enable you to get an idea of your “Prakriti” your birth constitution, the foundation Dosha throughout your life. It is made up from your parents’ disposition and determines your main physical characteristics and emotional behaviour. With this information we can figure treatments, herbs, oils, a suited diet and lifestyle that are perfect for you personally.

It will also help you understand yourself better; why you are the way you are and act the way you act.

For this test you will need a pen and paper, I feel by getting actively involved you will absorb the information more efficiently than if you were to just select an option. At the top of the test you will see the three different dosha types 'Vata'. 'Pitta' and 'Kapha'. Write these doshas on the top of the page, and go through each description, making a mark under the dosha type that is more related to you. Add up your results and whatever dosha is more dominant is the dosha which is most related to you. Sometimes people are a mixture of all three on equal parts, this is known as being 'tri-dosha' and shows a balance or imbalance in all three doshas. Mostly we are a dominant mix of two. Below the test you will see information and tips on all three doshas.